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  • The event entrance is at the rear of the Trowbridge train station car park (east/Asda side).
  • Please display your ticket on the driver’s dashboard for checking by entrance security or alternatively have it ready to show on your phone through the car window.
  • You will be directed up to the far end of the site to collect your mini iaudio receiver/speaker from a table at the event HQ tent, via your car window. You will also be given an information sheet.  Your number plate will be checked against the guest list and marshals will then guide you to your parking bay.
  • Your ticket will state your arrival time. Please make sure you arrive within your 10 minute time slot to help with traffic management.  If you are late, you may have to park nearer the back.
  • Please note that the SIA licenced security guards have the right to conduct security searches of vehicles and bags as cars enter the venue.
  • We have set up the site to allow viewing from all cars and bays are arranged on a grid system so there shouldn’t be a car directly in front of you.  Larger vehicles such as SUVs, 4x4s and people carriers, will be parked at the end of rows or the rear to allow the best view for all.
  • Guests must remain inside their cars to maintain social distancing, except if visiting the toilets or in the event of an emergency.  In the event of exceptionally hot weather, ticket holders will be contacted the day before with further instructions, which may include being able to sit outside your vehicle, but only on the passenger side so that everyone can maintain social distancing.
  • Convertible cars may not have their roofs open, again so that social distancing can be maintained, for passing event staff and visitors walking to and from the facilities.
  • Every space will be marked with its bay number, which must be used when ordering food & drink via the in-car app.
  • Please SWITCH OFF YOUR ENGINE once you have parked to protect the environment and the health of fellow cinema-goers and the event team. Please keep it switched off until after the film, when a parking marshal directs you to leave.  Windows can be opened to create a cross-breeze.  If air conditioning is needed it can usually be operated for short periods with key turned half way on, but be careful not to drain the battery.  If it rains and windscreen wipers are needed, the engine can be switched on if your car doesn’t allow them to work otherwise.
  • Remember it may be colder after sunset so bring warm clothing/blankets/duvet/pillows with you so you can be warm and snug when watching the evening films.
  • Please note that we are near a train station.  Trains are fairly quiet and you are unlikely to hear them with the windows closed.
  • Smoking is not permitted at this event, this includes e-cigarettes.
  • No vehicles may move from their parking space during the event unless directed to by an event marshal or in the event of an emergency.  If you have to leave for any reason, it is important that a marshal guides you out, so please put on your hazard lights to attract their attention.
  • If you have any problems, please put on your hazard lights and the event team will be with you as soon as possible.

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